Services & Pricing


I am a specialist in the recruitment of both permanent staff and professional contracting talent (temps) in the areas of:

• Finance & Accounting
• Project Management
• Sales & Marketing
• General Management
• Human Resources
• Logistics

I am particularly effective in the range of positions from Team Leader to General Manager and enjoy ‘C-Suite’ positions – from Clerk to CEO

I love working in the SME market


For clients:

This is a service where I provide basic career advice and direction, including CV presentation
It is ideal for those clients who wish to refer any departing staff member; someone who has decided to resign, or has been made redundant but not entitled to, or been given, a formal outplacement programme

For candidates:

• Finance & Accounting
• CV content and presentation
• How to look for a job
• How to deal with recruitment consultants
• How to present yourself at interview
• General career advice and direction
• Any questions at all. I am the perfect sounding board – I listen before I offer feedback


Always an interesting topic and one many avoid – go too high and you are seen as possibly being good but probably too expensive; go too low and you are seen as probably quite cheap but possibly no good

What do I offer as options:

Fixed fee – based on a negotiated
assessment of the agreed recruitment assignment; incorporating factors such as permanent, fixed term, contracting, job complexity, potential candidate availability, replacement guarantee etc.

Margin – for recruitment services charged as a percentage of salary my rate is 9%. Also, and primarily in contracting/temping situations, rather than charge an hourly $ margin I would rather do a daily or weekly admin fee

Hourly rate – very competitive and usually cheaper than % of salary. My range is between $88 and $99/hour. I keep a time sheet of my hours and will happily invoice for the lower of % of salary or hourly rate. This is also a great option when using my mentoring service

And – all advertising costs (outside of newspapers) are included free within each of these options