Services & Pricing


I am a specialist in the recruitment of both permanent staff and professional contracting talent (temps) in the areas of:

• Finance & Accounting
• Project Management
• Sales & Marketing
• General Management
• Human Resources
• Logistics

I am particularly effective in the range of positions from Team Leader to General Manager and enjoy ‘C-Suite’ positions – from Clerk to CEO
I love working in the SME market



A service where I provide career advice and direction
It is ideal for those clients who wish to refer any departing staff member to me – someone who has decided to resign, or has been made redundant, and is entitled to, or been offered, a formal outplacement programme

Exit Interviews:

Employees leave their job for many reasons
Whatever that reason is, it presents the perfect opportunity for an independent expert like myself to discover many things that can be of value to the business


  • Career advice
  • Mentoring
  • CV content and presentation 
  • How to write a Cover Letter
  • How to look for a job
  • How to deal with recruitment consultants
  • How to present yourself at interview
  • Any questions at all.   I am the perfect sounding board – I listen before I offer feedback


Always an interesting topic and one many avoid – go too high and you are seen as possibly being good but probably too expensive; go too low and you are seen as probably quite cheap but possibly no good
What do I offer as options:

Fixed fee – based on a negotiated assessment of the agreed recruitment assignment; incorporating factors such as permanent, fixed term, contracting, job complexity, potential candidate availability, replacement guarantee etc.

Margin – for recruitment services charged as a percentage of salary my rate is 9.5%.  Also, and primarily in contracting/temping situations, rather than charge an hourly $ margin I would rather do a daily or weekly admin fee

Hourly rate – very competitive and usually cheaper than percentage of salary.  My range is between $100 and $115 an hour.  I keep a time sheet of my hours and will happily invoice for the lower of percentage of salary or hourly rate.  This is also a great option when using my mentoring service