This month

It seems to me that I am hearing more apologies than usual.
Almost every TV news programme contains an item where a rabid journalist thrusts a microphone into someone’s face demanding humiliation, or even better a falling on their sword.
The theatre of it may once have been a bit dramatic, but now it has become boring, frequent, and melodramatic.

What got me thinking is how did the person responsible for the screw up actually get into their job in the first place?
We keep being told about robust and transparent processes and decisions; but all I am hearing is obfuscation – art of talking without saying anything intelligible.



Well here we go again?
The little man in my tummy is telling me the recruitment market has a similar feel to that just before the Global Financial Crisis.
No way am I saying that we are due for a second GFC, just that the market feels similar.

We have a shopping list of reasons why business sentiment is at a low ebb: slowing world growth, low interest rates, very little inflation, a slow-down in China, Brexit, Trump, trade protectionism and political populism.
But, on the upside New Zealand is still experiencing strong growth compared to the rest of the world and we still produce products the world wants; including meat, however, it is going to be a few years yet before the family roast beef dinner is artificial and squirted out of a tube.

For recruitment it is hard for organisations to find ‘the right person’ with the general lack of readily available good candidates, but with ‘the right recruitment consultant’ their chances are improved. 



The holding pattern continues:
Low interest rates and expensive petrol, low unemployment and a general lack of availability of quality candidates, sunny days and fires, incessant traffic jams and the incessant chatter from the PC brigade, the growing gap between the haves’ and the have nots’ and endless Government committee reviews.
I need a drink!