Current Available Candidates

Great candidates I have recently met, interviewed, and keen to introduce to clients.

Invisible Accordian

Customer service analytics

Not an Accountant, not in IT, and not in Sales or Marketing.  But here is a someone that is vital to an organisation – someone who uses data from all of those departments to maximise the experience the customer has with the company. 

If you are a business struggling to find out how your company’s products and services are being received and perceived by customers, then this lady has to be your next employee.



Are you sourcing product or material?  It is a vital part of the supply chain for any organisation.  Get it right and the questions around quality, consistency, pricing and delivery become simple processes rather than logistical nightmares.

With time spent in retail, FMCG, packaging, steel, and general goods this lady has experience in sourcing product and material from most of NZ’s trading partners in the East, Europe, and North America.



Administration with a capital A.  Expertise in document and database management, and a passion for customer service sets this lady apart.  Highly organised and thriving on being challenged her background experience includes banking, education, retail and media.

To take full advantage of her skill set an ideal role would include elements of admin, management/owner support, Executive Assistant, Project Management and Customer Service.


Next step is general manager

Rounding off this month with a guy; but not just any guy.  His style, intellect (he is CA qualified too) and business acumen has seen him progress from Accounts Payable to General Manager in a decade – impressive!  Now responsible for the Finance and Operations functions of a New Zealand wide multi-branch service operation he also has extremely strong analytical skills.  He is ready for the next challenge and if your requirement calls for a mix of finance, operations and analysis then he is the perfect option.

One outside of the box.


Sales management

Previously recruited by me into a Key Account Sales role this lady has every right to acknowledge her ambition by targeting a more senior role in Sales Management.

Bringing passion and energy to her work she is looking to work in an organisation with strong brand recognition, and quality products to which she can create a strong personal connection.



Wondering whether there is anything you can do to improve your own or your staff’s well-being, and thus the overall health of your business?  What about how their state of mind affects your business?  Or, how much does it cost when staff suffer stress or private problems?

These and many other related issues can be alleviated by this chap providing confidential counselling sessions to help both you and your employees’ deal with both work and private challenges.

We all know that when employees are happy they are more productive and give a better service; a better service increases customer loyalty and your customers will spread the word.


SQL and database consultant

A chap I have met a couple of times and although I am not a ‘techie’ my instincts are strong enough to recognise an expert when I meet one.   He has extensive experience in Windows and Linux systems management. A specialist in the area of Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server and data-warehousing.  Experienced with all aspects of Microsoft Server (AD, DNS, IIS), Windows/MS Office and Internet, and network technology, he is also skilled in Performance Tuning and Optimization (PTO), using native monitoring and troubleshooting tools. 

And for good measure he can program in programmer in PHP, JavaScript, C#, VBScript, and VBA.