John Keesing

After 20 years working as a recruitment consultant it would be fair to say that I have become an established identity in the recruitment industry.

My focus is on providing relationship-based solutions to the recruitment process and to ensure lasting outcomes for both candidates and clients.

Isn’t that what every other recruitment consultant does?

Not really.

My points of difference are:

Acknowledgment – I acknowledge every application; whether it be from within, or outside New Zealand.
If the candidate has taken the time to apply I can take the time to respond

Engagement – I believe it is my role to facilitate the recruitment process and keep my clients fully engaged with where I am up to in the process. I learn what outcomes clients are looking for from new employees and I work with them in ensuring we recruit the skills and experience, and, the attitude and personality for the role

Experience – this comes from not only 20 years in the industry but also from having had a successful professional career within New Zealand and overseas; including leadership roles in Government, Retail, Office Products, Financial Services, and international Insurance and Reinsurance

Professional – I was one of the first business degree qualified (Bachelor of Commerce) recruitment consultants in New Zealand; giving me a thorough grounding in how businesses are structured, the processes they employ to be successful and the understanding of what outcomes they are looking for from new employees

Truth – in everything I do; and this is my primary personal value